A “Tail” of a Happy Ending

I know I said the chapter on the poor chained dog was complete, but this week I received wonderful news from the caring neighbor who sought a perfect place for him and participated in his rescue.  Without her involvement and follow-through, the story could have had such a sad ending.

This young woman showed so much compassion for this animal, who has gone from the ridiculous name “Goose,” to Moose (my name for him, for who could name such a magnificent dog Goose), to Kima and now his forever name Gunner.

Gunner has been trained and placed with a wounded warrior named Jason.  My neighbor attended Gunner and Jason’s graduation and had the opportunity to give Gunner some loving pets before he departed with Jason at his side.

Jason, a U.S. Marine, was recently wounded in combat fire where he lost toes and has had reconstructive surgery on his foot.  In addition to his physical wounds, Jason has been diagnosed with PTSD.

Gunner will forever be next to Jason.   He will never leave his side. When he showers he’ll be laying outside the shower.  When he goes to the grocery store Gunner will be right next to his side.

If Jason’s PTSD flares up Gunner will warn him to snap out of it by patting him with his paw, licking him, or barking. Gunnar has saved Jason and Jason has saved Gunner.

Could any tale of an abused dog have a happier ending?


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  1. Dear NanaJ,
    I agree completely with everything your commenters have already beautifully said! As a Pet Partner Team Member myself, I understand the rewards of Animal Therapy and Service Animals. Snuffy and I are members of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Animal Therapy (TMHAT) and, as a nationally registered and trained team, we also participate in the R.E.A.D. program, where Snuffy listens to children read to him.
    Jason and Gunner have a big High-5 from Snuffy and me, and a High-10 goes to you for initiating this wondrous outcome and for reaching out to inform the community about it.
    In this Thanksgiving season, we have a lot to be thankful for! <3

  2. Not all angels have visible wings but they are still angels! You are one and so is Gunner and Jason. Jason, thanks for fighting so I can voice my opinion. I am very grateful.

  3. What a lovely program for wounded warriors. I recently heard of therapy dogs who listen to children read. These loving ideas are exactly what we need in this impersonal time. Wonderful!

  4. Heart-warming story. Helps offset the evil wrought by scumbags who abuse animals, children and women.

  5. You are the person that started these two down the road to meeting each other and being together for the rest of their lives. You are the one that gets my sincere thanks and high-fives for being the kind, caring angel that you are. I am so glad to know that there are happy endings out there for our four-legged “angels” and the “angels” that rescue them. Big thanks to Jason for his service to our country.