Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse


This year our mouse-eared friend celebrates his 85th birthday!  Some of you were around when the mouse who roared “Walt Disney,” was born.  1928, was a day that set the standard in cartoons, with his debut.

Now, 85 years later, just think of what the spawn of Walt Disney has done to change the culture in America.  Cartoons, films, The Mickey Mouse Club with our favorites like Annette Funicello and others.  C’mon, you remember how it’s done: M I C K E Y MOUSE.  Are you singing along?

Then Disney Land in Anaheim California followed some years later in Orlando with Disney World, a huge attraction.  I was there on the Grand Opening Day and loved it.  My four-year-old daughter led the Mickey Mouse Band down Main Street and was the cutest drum major ever!

The Mouse who grew and grew.  Is there a place on earth that doesn’t know about Disney World or Mickey Mouse?        Walt was one smart cookie and those who followed were sharp marketers.  Everything from the mouse ear hats every kid going to Disneyland wanted, to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot for parents and Animal Kingdom for kids into wild animals, it’s all right there if you have the inclination and lots of cash.

Still, Disneyland set the standards for attractions with cleanliness, courtesy and dress codes for workers, others had to follow or fail and it was good.  So “All Hail,” Mickey Mouse, keep on squeaking – you got all the cheese!

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  1. Have been to DisneyWorld numerous times and it was always a “must” when we had visitors. I still go, not as often as before as I now live out of state, but when I had friends from overseas visit, that was one of their daughter’s requests…..see Mickey and all his friends!

  2. My family have been huge Disney fans for years. Maybe it us because I was at that opening day in 1971. We’ve had Florida resident passes for many years and my kids still have fun even tho they are teens. We have our strategies to make our visits more affordable such as sharing meals or ordering from the children’s menu. We also park at the resorts, which are a destination in themselves, and take Disney transportation to the parks. This saves $15 on parking and my kids always thought of the boat or monorail as their first ride of the day. We’ll stop at the counter service restaurant at the resort on the way home for coffee for me, cocoa for the kids and share a rice crispy treat as big as your head.

  3. I am just a kid at heart~ I love to go to Disney World and enjoy all of the rides. My favorites have always been Peter Pan and It’s a Small World. My daughters and grandchildren always get excited when Disney is mentioned.

  4. I loved Mikey Mouse and Mikey Mouse Club. i remember all the songs “wiggle your ears like good Mouseketeers(?) We have visited Disney Land and Disney World. Oh, the magic of it all!