See Spot Run, LLC….Complete Peace of Mind For You & Your Pet

See Spot Run, LLC….Complete Peace of Mind For You & Your Pet


See Spot Run, LLC has closed.  Feel free to contact us for personal recommendations of other pet care options in Tallahassee.


About a year ago, I was excited to hear from a fellow Tallahassean, ready to start her own business.  As part of her preparation to launch, she reached out to Tally Connection to help spread the word about her services.  In getting to know Rachel, I quickly saw she was very organized, dependable and passionate about her business.  Rachel is the owner of See Spot Run, LLC, now a thriving pet care business in Tallahassee.

At the time, our family didn’t have any pets of our own, but after learning about Rachel and her business, I felt confident to refer her to friends and family members who did.  In August, as you may have read here on the blog, our family adopted two puppies of our own, and shortly thereafter it was time to call Rachel, have her meet Lucy & Louie and have peace of mind, knowing she would be ready to help us out when needed.

That time came shortly after when we decided to accompany my husband on a business trip to Miami.  The hotel actually would allow us to bring our pets, and since they were so new to us we thought about it, but my husband, the reasonable one, convinced me that we needed to leave them home, for their sake too.  I needed a pet sitter and fast.  I texted Rachel and before I knew it, all was taken care of from start to finish.  Our trip was relaxing and enjoyable and I knew for a fact that our dogs were well cared for the entire time we were away.

Here is a summary of the services provided to us by See Spot Run:

  • Meet and Greet with Rachel and Lucy & Louie

Rachel came to our home at a time that was convenient for me.  She reviewed paperwork she had emailed me to complete prior to this.  She asked questions and made notes about particulars for our pets, such as the fact that Louie can be a bit shy at first.  She knew exactly what to ask to address any unforeseen circumstances ahead of time…way more than I would think to mention.  She collected two keys from me to use during the time we would be away.  She spent a bit of time alone with Lucy & Louie, making sure they’d feel comfortable around her.  She tested the keys to make sure they worked properly.  She also took pictures of Lucy & Louie for their files.

  • GPS Text to Confirm Arrival

  • Pictures & Videos Shared
  • Check List Emailed

  • Thank You & Coupons

Upon arriving home I had an email waiting for me in my inbox thanking me for allowing See Spot Run to care for our pets and inviting me to use their services again when needed, taking advantage of the coupon attached.

The combination of the above services gave me complete peace of mind while we were away.  It was wonderful to have updates sent directly to me in various forms so that I could know things were taken care of and the dogs were being well cared for without my having to call to check in.  Information was shared in such a way that I could receive it when and how it was convenient for me.

Travel is just one of the many reasons you may need the services of a reliable pet sitter.  See Spot Run’s pet sitters and dog walkers help out a range of clients with their pets. Clients that:

  • Have a new baby
  • Travel frequently
  • Cannot properly exercise their pets due to mobility issues
  • Work long hours
  • Take a vacation
  • Need help house-breaking a puppy
  • Need consistent care for their pets
  • Have pets with separation anxiety
…these are just the first of many reasons to invest in pet sitting, dog walking, or overnight stays offered by See Spot Run.

This post shares about See Spot Run from a personal perspective…from a real person who really used the service and LOVED it!  To learn more about See Spot Run, check out this post with all of the who, what, how and why having to do with See Spot Run, and let them take good care of your pets during this busy time of year and during your holiday traveling.



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