An Angel Miracle or a Bug?

An Angel Miracle or a Bug?

Not long ago, I decided to put up and decorate my really old Christmas tree.  My grandson was visiting and together we strung lights on the poor old – I mean really old tree.  I dug the angel tree topper from a crate of ornaments and asked him if he would like to put it atop the tree.

I hauled out a short ladder and he climbed up and placed the angel, kind of kittywhompus on the top.  Not being content with just the angel, he hung a golden ornament from her hand and strung some golden star tinsel around her head.  Crooked was okay with him and he climbed down, happy with his work.

The next day I noticed there was something strange about the angel.   I moved closer to have a look and the entire angel was clothed in a transparent veil!   I knew I had nothing like it and would have noticed if he had put anything more than the ornament and starry tinsel.

I touched part of the veil and it curled upon itself, hanging in a string.

Whatever it is made from – or whatever creature made it, I don’t know and until the tree comes down, I am not looking any closer.   As I haven’t seen any moving parts to the tree, I can’t imagine what made it and at this point in the holiday season, don’t really want to know.

I am just considering it an angel miracle, wishing me and you a joyful and peaceful Christmas!


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  1. What a wonderful “gift” you received for Christmas and I look forward to hearing the rest of the story.

  2. Creepy & cool at the same time. Must be quite industrious, whatever it is, to do that in one night. Makes you wonder what motivated the creature. Just getting in the Christmas spirit – spidey style?

  3. cooool. so glad you thought of photographing it and posting here. can hardly wait to see (and read) the next chapter. love seeing your grandson decorating the tree, too.
    Happy New Year, NanaJ & family!