Have a Jolly, Not a Folly Holiday!


Lots of excitement leading up to the big day of Christmas.   Seems so many worthy causes are asking for money.  The scammers and cons are all stoked up trying to get their hands on your money too.

Last week I fell for the “discount” at a local drug store, something we’ve been warned against: giving personal information – in this case my contact information to the ardent cashier who “just want you to have access to our discounts.”  I was in a hurry and didn’t stop to reason out that I seldom shop there, have no reason for a discount anything, as it isn’t on my usual routine travel route.  Fortunately, I used a credit card I can track and dispute any fraudulent charges, like the one from a “Foundation” who put a charge on this card without my authorization.

A couple of days later, I came to my car to find a flyer under my windshield wiper.  I thought companies were restricted from doing that and secondly, it was for a “Business and Personal Finance assistance for a better portfolio and tax reduction.”   Sure, I believe they’re legitimate, advertising that way.  Not a chance!

Daily mail is full of appeals for mostly good causes, but I’ve learned more than a few are not really sent from the charitable organization, but from a company that takes a cut from the donation.   Frequent phone calls from telemarketers now must identify themselves as “professional fundraisers.”  My response is “I don’t accept telephone solicitations,” while thanking them.  After all, many of them are young people just trying to make a living.  No need to be rude.

As we ripen, we become the target for unscrupulous individuals, who see the mature adult as less aware, with reduced mental agility and move vulnerable to a sob story or a possible “good deal.”   The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports on 14 of us are victims of identity theft and in a survey of 70 thousand people, $24.7 billion were lost to those victims.  24.7 billion dollars! 

Please don’t let your holiday be ruined by such scoundrels.  Nanaj wants you to enjoy a jolly, not a folly this holiday season!



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  1. I don’t know how people that take advantage of generous, caring angels are able to sleep at night! I do take comfort in knowing that one day they will get their just “rewards”!!

  2. It’s such a shame that the things that make life great – compassion and altruism, are also the things that make us vulnerable. It does take extra homework to be charitable these days, like Claudia Madden said.

    1. Good for you, Smart Lady! So many ways to be taken in by unscrupulous people. What happened to their consciences?