I Love Them, But Some Don’t


Christmas newsletters.  Either you love them or you don’t.   I love them!   Even the ones with excruciating details are great as far as I’m concerned and I look forward each Christmas to receiving them.

Only have written a few, but I really enjoy catching up with far away friends and family this way.  Even if I don’t know all the people mentioned, I still like reading about them.   After all the person sending me the newsletter is sharing what their life has been like for the past year.

As most of us no longer write letters and lose communication with those who still aren’t on computers,  long newsletters looking back at the year and relating events is, to me, a great way stay in touch.

Admittedly, I don’t understand people my age who don’t use computers and especially email.  Seems so antiquated not to, and if you are reading this, you are obviously using a computer, so this isn’t about you.

Even though most of us don’t write personal letters, many still send cards for birthdays and holidays.  Holding a card someone thought enough about you to send sympathetic words after a loss of a family member or friend, still means a lot to the person receiving it.  No email, text, or even phone call can substitute for this expression of true feelings.

Why do we wait till Christmas to compile our family’s life for the past year?  I wouldn’t mind at all getting a  Spring or Summer newsletter.  Since I wasn’t on the ball sending seasonal cards this year, maybe I’ll do one for mid-year.  A Summer Solstice  newsletter.  The pace isn’t so hectic then and I could go into the winter holidays with a clear conscience.

What do you think?

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  1. I have often thought of sending one to our friends and family but don’t think there is very much there that would interest anyone. I do keep a calender on my frig that has enough space in it to jot down what happened that day….temp, if I went anywhere, anyone called or came by, that sort of thing. One day when I am frolicing in that playground up above, my heirs will get to go through all that and laugh at crazy me for keeping all those calenders but I enjoy it so maybe one of them will as well.

  2. I love Christmas news letters. It is so nice to get an annual update from some of our Family and Friends. I tried to write my letter for 2013 and found it to be to emotional for me to deal with. This has been a challenging year so I decided to send cards instead. I will have a lot of good memories to share in 2014. 2014 is going to be an amazing year.

  3. Some of my emails end up longer than I planned, and unintentional to be newsletters! But that is fine since they usually write back and tell me all their updates, too. It can happen any time of year, not just Christmas. An old acquaintance from high school reconnected with me this year. He had been injured fighting in Iraq. The worst I could attest to was a coffee spill in my cube.

  4. I receive an annual family update each Christmas from my dear friend Judy. We were best friends in high school in Fort Lauderdale 100 years ago and we still keep in touch. Facebook gives us a more timely update.

    Not an annual newsletter writer myself, although I write newsletters all year for clients. However, my son Doc and I have often invented a family newsletter to send to relatives and friends. It goes something like this:

    “Happy Christmas to you and your precious family. Well, we have had quite a year in this neck of the woods. Granny finally croaked. Never knew it. We will miss her but not those insidious cartoons. Bobby Joe finally was released from prison. He learned how to crack safes and is looking forward to gainful employment. Betty Jo is back from Tijuana Mexico. So thin. She does have some nice tattoos, though. Fred has been bedding down in his truck since Shirley gave him the boot. Shouldn’t be long before another babe is in the picture to take care of him. Frankie finally passed fifth grade. He’s looking for a cheap car to drive to middle school. Me? I’m hoping this infection clears before Valentine’s Day. Really want to give my Big Guy a sloppy kiss for our special day!”
    Well, you get the picture………………

    Actually, I am thinking what a cool way to chronicle your family’s activities through the years.
    Happy New Year to all!

  5. I love to get them. I miss receiving letters and it’s nice to hear about adventures people go on. They do tend to be a rather positive spin on their lives (sort of like Facebook) but I enjoy reading the updates. I barely got cards out this year, but a newsletter would be a nice thing to do in the future.

  6. I like newsletters. Even long rambling ones. So, LibbyLou, why not write the newsletter-novella!
    Even if it is just as a keepsake for you and your family. I think I’ll write a summer letter-novella.
    That’s right, NanaJ: a summer solstice letter! Let’s start a new tradition! Happy New Year to all.

  7. I love the newsletters too. I get one from our CEO and it does make me feel closer to him & his family. I’ve never sent one, I’d struggle with how much to share, do you spin the negatives, that sort of thing. I do tend to run on as well. It’d end up as a novella.