Meet Terrance Sirmans

Meet Terrance Sirmans


Pancake Breakfast for Terrance

Come get a delicious pancake, eggs, sausage and drink breakfast for $5.00. All cost goes to the Terrance Sirmans fund to help with medical expenses. Terrance is a 5th grader at Evening Rose Elementary School. He is receiving treatment for bone cancer at Shands in Gaineville.

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About Terrance

Terrance Sirmans is a typical 5th grader attending Imagine School at Evening Rose in Tallahassee, FL. He is an avid sports fan, especially when it comes to FSU football! You will rarely ever find him without a smile on his face. And it is one heck of a smile! He is full of fun, joy and life and has dreams and hopes like all boys on the cusp of becoming young men.

What is not so typical of Terrance is that he has just been diagnosed with bone cancer. This news is especially difficult considering that his mother has spent the last 3 years battling breast cancer.

Terrance will be receiving chemotherapy at Shands in Gainesville for the next 8 months, which is a bit of a distance from Tallahassee. We started this site in order to collect donations to help alleviate the financial burdens for Terrance’s family so that they can focus on getting him better!

We are also encouraging Terrance’s classmates with upcoming birthdays to ask their guests to donate to Terrance’s cause in lieu of gifts. These “Gifts of Hope” will be going directly to this special cause and will really make a difference in this wonderful boy’s life.
We really appreciate all of the support and hope that you can pass this page along to your friends and family. No donation is too big or too small! Thanks to all.

All gifts made payable to Gifts for Terrance and can be mailed to Hancock Bank, Centervillage Branch at 2105 Capitol Circle NE
Tallahassee, FL 32308, or you can donate online here.

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