Creative Dance Meets Rhythmic at Mayela



Tallahassee is a wonderful place for families, with an abundance of fun activities and programs children of all ages can enjoy.  What’s new to this long list of local children’s programs as of the past few months?  It’s Mayela, where creative dance meets rhythmic, and folks are raving!

Classes for Kids

Creative Dance Meets Rhythmic
Dance and rhythmic gymnastics come together into the studio in this fun class for children age 5-11.  This class is a great introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics.  Classes meet Saturdays at ARTS AfterSchool, in the Esposito’s shopping center,  in the beautiful dance studio.

Mayela - video


Rhythmic Gymnastics
Recreational training for girls age 7-17.  This class meets Sundays at Gym Force Gymnastics, across from Tom Brown Park.

Rhythmic Gymnastics


Dance & Movement for Kids with Special Needs
This class is FREE!  Class meets once a month at ARTS AfterSchool, in the Esposito’s shopping center.

Dance & Movement - special needs

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