National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Pinwheels at the CapitolI love pinwheels, always have.  Watching them spin in the slightest breeze.  Children love pinwheels, always have.  From the very youngest age.

In my town there are groups of silver and blue pinwheels on green patches.  Beautiful to see as I drive by them, not so beautiful for what they represent.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Tragically, each pinwheel represents an abused child reported to the state agency that handles abuse cases.  A sign by the pinwheels states, “Putting Children First.”

Why should we have to be told to put children first, our own or others?  Shouldn’t these precious ones’ safety and welfare always be put first?  Many professionals are mandated to report suspected abuse: teachers, social workers, medical personnel.

Still, it happens.  Protecting our children is everyone’s job.  Pinwheels are fun to watch, saving a child’s life isn’t and always involves trauma.  It’s up to each of us to find out who to call and what to do.  One way is to volunteer for Guardian ad Litem, another is to volunteer in schools.  Investigate where your skills, time and awareness will be the  most helpful.

Be the eyes and ears of vulnerable children who can’t speak for themselves.

You will never regret it.


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