She’s Calling Your Name – Are You Listening?

Judy 3-31-16Spring has arrived with bountiful rain, more than is needed in many parts of our country, but with it comes the greening of our trees, shrubs and the bursting forth of flowers.

In my rain garden, Florida’s state flower, coreopsis, are blooming and proliferating bulbs have an abundant display of spear-shaped leaves are promising flowers will follow.  Gorgeous amaryllis took the lead and are opulent in their trumpet shaped pink and white flower heads.

A variety of birds are enjoying their daily bounty of bird seeds and dried fruit from the pecan tree stump and today I even saw a hummingbird visiting my wind chimes.

All of this to say April 23 is EARTH DAY!  

How are you going to celebrate Mother Earth’s birthday?  You have time to plan!

Two weekends ago I attended a home expo put on by Leon County where I live.

Even though I’ve been composting for many years, I still learned more about it.  For one thing, I am an avid paper shredder, but I couldn’t figure out how to recycle the shreds.  At the Home Expo, I learned I could put them in the compost bin recently given to me. No more trying to disguise them in my recycle bin!

Experts on how and when to plant, home maintenance and other aspects of living on this planet, in this town, in this county, on this lane, shared their expertise.

Earth Day encompasses the above and so much more, from energy conservation, think LED lighting, to solar power, to supporting clean water, reducing all kinds of pollution and encouraging gardening.

This is our only Earth.  If it is destroyed by the wasting of precious resources, we don’t yet have another planet to move to and trash as we have this one.   So… we’d better listen up and take action.

You don’t have to keep your car idling (okay, I admit I think all fast food drive-throughs should be eliminated and none more allowed to be built, just think of the reduction in child and adult obesity, a real epidemic), more help for individuals to grow their own food and the promotion of Reduce, Recycle, Re-use, just like when Earth Day began.

Oh, and one more thing.  Stop the use of chemicals killing our bees and other pollinators.  Last week I saw a commercial promoting a shampoo made of honey.  Sorry, but I find this ridiculous. With colony collapse nearly wiping out honey bees, why in the world, er..the Earth, would shampoo be made of honey?

So for this year, could we just use what we have wisely, protect and love Mother Earth and hope Father Time can heal this hurting planet before it is too late?



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  1. Thanks for the info: Earth day is the 23rd. My efforts to save my earth pale in comparison to what many others do. I reuse and I recycle whatever I can, I NEVER use the drive-throughs… but the next step for me is composting.
    That sounds like a good project!

  2. I don’t shred. All our papers go into a re-cycling bin. There are, however, more things we could do to be more productive. We just purchased a compost container for our garden. Hope my produce appreciates me.

    1. Good for you! By shredding, the papers break down faster in the compost bin. The compost expert also said to add “brown,” as in fallen leaves, “carbon” as you are doing with the hopefully shredded paper, and “green,” as in all the scraps from fresh produce. To speed things up, some red “wigglers,” from a bait shop will give you rich, dark, wonderful soil for your garden in much faster time. Oh, and it the bin contents are looking dry, do add water to moisten.
      Good for you!

  3. I love springtime. Tallahassee has so many gorgeous dogwoods and azaleas and I love when everything is in bloom. In my yard my azaleas (Japanese and native) are now blooming; so are my fringe tree and royal princess and chinese lantern. I also have a beautiful rose bush now blooming; so are my lantanas, spirea, etc. My red bud and crab apple and have already bloomed. Flower wise my yellow jessamine is about finished blooming. I just bought some coreopsis and have not yet planted it. I transplanted 2 baby buckeyes last week. The parent buckeyes are now fixing to bloom as are my hydrangeas. Oh, and I am waiting for my amaryllis and Easter lilies to bloom, as well as my trumpet flowers. There is one more shrub that I want to plant before summer and that is a Lady Banks rose bush. Lovely season.

    1. Sounds so gorgeous! I think you should come over and plant some flowers in my yard. I wonder shy my amaryllis bloomed before yours, though I am surprised the yellow jasmine (jessamine?) is finished blooming. Maybe I mixed it up with Confederate jasmine?