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Judy post 4-14-16Surely you remember paper dictionaries, right?  Well today we celebrate the invention by Noah Webster, who must have been one super intelligent and studious guy to put an entire dictionary together.  From 1828, we jump all the way to 2016, one hundred and eighty-eight years to put a word into our electronic devices to instantly get the meaning and if needed, correcting the spelling.  How great is that and why aren’t we all terrific writers?

There have been movies about the Dust Bowel in the Plains during early 1900’s, but this is the day when the “Black Blizzard” struck a major blow with huge clouds of dust visible in the Atlantic Ocean shipping lanes to Washington D.C. to the farming areas over the farming areas of the Midwest.  All of this big mess was because of faulty farming practices and a whole lot of wind.  Many families lost homes and abandoned their land to go west.  Old movies showed families traveling west or others living in run-down shacks, with hungry children dressed in rags.  The country was in the Great Depression and the dust bowl was making it worse.  When I think of it, I am amazed we as a country pulled out of it.  But Americans then had gumption, the resolve to survive and make it!

Modern agricultural practices elevated our standard of living and provided food enough for everyone and some to share. Better ways of land management, the Grange, an agricultural organization taught farmers the best was of planting and harvesting, Farm Bureau agents taught planters how and when the optimum time to put in the crops. Then agri-business took over family farms which has declined precipitously, but that’s a story for another time.

Today is also the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic with the loss of more than 1,500 lives. Movies and stories have been told of the “unsinkable ship,” over the years since the 1912 catastrophe and the fascination still lingers. Ship building has improved and the cruise industry is thriving.  Ocean cruises hold no interest for me, but nanaj loves rivers and would love to take a steamboat cruise on the Mississippi one of these days. Now where’s that genie in the bottle?!

What else?  It is National Women’s Month, an Arts Advocacy Day went by, missed National Pancake Day.  How did I miss National Meatball Day or National Cereal Day, not to mention singing Happy Birthday to Barbie who entered this world in 1959 and is still popular with young girls.

I’m sorry I missed International Happiness Day, as we all need Happy all the time.  There are probably more I missed, but gosh WORLD WATER DAY is really important as this is yours,  mine and every man woman and child’s most precious resource and in too many places being polluted and scarce. This is a cause close to my heart and I will sound off again.

Missed National Healthcare Decisions Day when we were to have “the conversation” about Medical care decisions as we have more behind us than ahead of us in life. We’ll talk about that later, but if you have the chance, do talk



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