14 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

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Once you’ve decided to put your home on the market, it’s natural to want to sell it as quickly
and painlessly as possible. Getting your house ready for showings can be a lot of work, but it’s
always worth the effort in the long run. If your home stays on the market for too long, you
might have to lower your asking price, and end up taking less than what it’s worth.

When you’re selling your home, remember that appearances are everything, so nothing
should be overlooked. You only get one chance at a first impression, so be sure to make it a
good one. Here at Paul’s, we want to help homeowners with the daunting task of selling their
home, so we’ve compiled a list of tips fo r staging both the inside and outside of your home.
Check these tips out below and let us know what you think!

Staging Tips for Outside Your House

  1. Maximize curb appeal. When people drive up to your house to take a look at it, one of
    the first things they’ll notice is your yard. That means you want to have an absolutely
    beautiful yard- and not a drab one! Be sure to mow the lawn regularly, trim the
    hedges, rake the leaves, and reseed any part of your lawn that is bare. Having a nice
    yard might even attract people driving by that are looking for a new home and weren’t
    even aware that yours is on the market.
  2. Clean the exterior of your home. No one wants to see dirty siding. Power wash the
    outside of your home and any walkways around your house. Washing all the windows
    will also help your home look clean, and allow more light to get inside.
  3. Make your porch inviting. Repaint or stain the porch and door to make it look crisp
    and clean. You should even consider getting some potted plants to give the area more
    color and beauty. If you don’t have this already, buy a small table and chairs to make
    the porch feel cozy. You want potential buyers to picture themselves having coffee or
    chatting with friends on the porch.
  4. Be seasonal. If you’re showing your home in the summer, have a nice garden in the
    back yard. If people are looking at your house in the fall, have festive autumn
    decorations like corn husks and pumpkins on the front porch. And if you’re selling
    during the holiday season, you already know what to do. (Christmas lights, holiday
    decorations, and Santa Claus, oh my!)

Staging Tips for Inside Your House

  1. Clean, clean, clean. Once your home is on the market, people may want to take a
    look at it at any time. You can no longer leave any dishes in the sink and random items
    on the counter. Be sure to vacuum as often as possible, sweep the floors regularly, and
    don’t let anything get dusty. Nobody wants to buy a dirty house!
  2. De-personalize the home. It’s going to hurt, but you can’t look at your home as yours
    anymore. When people come to look at the house, they’re going to want to envision
    themselves living there, so family photos, books, knickknacks, anything that shows
    your personality — box these up and store away!
  3. Paint the walls. You might love the unique colors of your walls, but homes sell faster
    when the walls are neutral colors. This allows people to think of what colors they’d
    want their new walls to be. Plus, painting the walls will give your home a fresh feel,
    and let rooms feel brighter.
  4. Let light in. When people come to look at a home, they care about how well-lit it is.
    Take down dark drapes and open the blinds to let in a lot of natural light. Replace old
    bulbs and lamps with new, brighter ones, so every room can be well lit.
  5. Clutter is NOT your friend. Space is very important to people buying a home. When
    they come inside, they don’t want to feel cramped. If you have any furniture that you
    don’t use, or boxes that you haven’t touched for ages, get rid of them or put them
    into storage. Take as much as possible out of your closets so they feel spacious and
  6. Don’t have pets around. Your pet might be your best friend, but the people coming to
    see your house might not be an animal person. When you have people coming over to
    view your home, try and take your cat or dog out of the house for a little while, and
    be sure to hide their food and water. While you associate your pet with love, a lot of
    people just think they’re dirty and smelly, and that your home is too.
  7. Rearrange rooms . Have you ever been in a model room at an apartment complex,
    where furniture is arranged strategically, the kitchen table is set, and there’s plenty
    of room to walk? Try to turn your house into a model house with these comfortable
  8. Minor repairs . If your house needs a little work, now’s the time to do it. If the people
    who come to look at your home find a small problem with the home, they might think
    there are larger problems lurking elsewhere that they can’t see. Fix any holes in
    screens, drawers and doors that don’t open easily, and leaky faucets. If you want to add value to your home then it might be a smart idea to look into doing things like adding a new balustrade from Pear Stairs to your staircase to add an extra touch of class.
  9. Consider your bathroom a spa . When you walk into a spa, the white towels, rugs, and
    shower curtains give a fresh, clean look. Try and imitate this in your own bathroom.
  10. Make sure there are no bugs lurking around ! No one wants to see evidence of mice
    or bugs when they’re thinking about buying a house. Imagine showing your home and
    an unexpected roach crawls through the kitchen! While you’re in the process of
    staging your home, consider having a pest control company inspect your home and
    implement treatment if necessary. This might be the most important time to prevent
    or get rid of an infestation!

Need Some Help?
Getting your home ready for people to come and take a look is a lot of work. When people
begin staging their home, they often move a lot of possessions they haven’t touched in years.
Often times this leads to finding bugs or mice that have been living comfortably in areas that
you never see. If this happens to you, and your schedule is too demanding for you to handle
the infestation, let Paul’s Termite & Pest Control know. We help our customers stay pest-free
all year long, and would gladly help you get rid of the problem fast.

We hope these tips help you stage your home so it can sell quickly, and good luck with
your move!

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