Fact or Fiction? What do You Think?

Fact or Fiction? What do You Think?

Recently, I read television personality Hugh Downs is 96 years old.  Some of you closer to my age (don’t ask) may remember him from his days of hosting the game show “Concentration,” one I don’t believe I ever watched.

Other than this, he was a long time anchor of the still-on-the-air “20-20,” from 1978 to 1999.  He never seemed to age.

Or, perhaps you remember him from his stint as Jack Paar’s sidekick on the late-night show?

In the mid-1980s in Central Florida where I was living, a small group on the west side of the county, where spiritualists live and more… um, other unconventional ideas sprang up, organized to promote the idea of life on the dark side of the moon.

They were certain the side of the moon we on Earth don’t see, was occupied.  This was during the time we sent brave astronauts to land on the bright side of the moon, so maybe this led to speculation there was a colony on the dark side.  My close friend embraced the idea and I would go to occasional meetings with her, just to listen and try to figure out why she believed what she did.

The group, whose name I can’t recall, also declared those living on the dark side of the moon didn’t die, but lived to be very old – say older than 96?  Like hundreds of years old or more. They pointed to Hugh Downs as one of the few residents living on the dark side of the moon who journey to Earth and assimilate with us.

Could they be right and our Hugh Downs is really a citizen of the Dark Side of the Moon?

I’m planted on Terra Firma, but with the expansion of the exploration of Space, one day a capsule carrying an Earth human might fly past the dark side of the moon and wave “Hello” to Hugh Downs.

If you could explore the dark side of the moon, would you?

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  1. Just write him and ask him? Maybe he is close friends with Betty White, also!! My dear old dad passed away at 91 a couple of years ago. He graduated with Norman Lear from Hartford High School in Connecticut. Norman is still living, I’d say he is 94 or 95. Food for thought!

    1. Well okay, but has anyone actually SEEN Hugh Downs lately? Wouldn’t you want to know if he returned to the dark side of the moon? Since the group who believed this, also believed dark siders left the colony and successfully assimilated into the general public, I’m kind of wondering if any of them hold political office? Just saying……