And All That Jazz!

And All That Jazz!

Do you love movies?  Most people I know do.  From the silent black and white films with live piano music accompanying them – dark and menacing when the villain ties the innocent young lady to the railroad tracks as a train is rapidly approaching, just because she rejected his advances – ooh, ooh, ooh, turn your head away!

Silent film stars like the sultry Rudolph Valentino was the heart throb of thousands of young women who longed for the romance from their beaus.

Comedian Charlie Chaplin, found his audience in silent films playing the awkward “Tramp,” for thirty years and was beloved by his audiences.

As it became clear Americans loved moving pictures, those making them devised ways of making them even more attractive and therefore even more profitable.

One of the early crossover silent film stars was Greta Garbo, a star MGM performer created a stir with her first talking movie Anna Christie. The movie was headlined as “Greta talks!”

Ninety years ago, the first talking movie, “The Jazz Singer,” starring Al Jolson, who often appeared on stage dancing and singing in minstrel shows. The movie had sound sequences as well as silent ones.

Once audiences heard the actor’s voices coming from the screen, there was no going back, though today, occasionally on Turner Classic Movies, a silent film is played and following the action and matching it up with the plot is entertaining.

A lot of what we see now is loud, graphic, violent and simply not entertaining.  Parents have to be observant to monitor what their children watch and frankly, Nanaj isn’t interested in content that isn’t G or PG and never was.

Love musicals, old movies that have interesting story lines, and no mass violence.

But that’s just me, and since I have an attention deficit problem, I stop paying attention after a few minutes anyway, so you will seldom find me in a movie theatre and if at home with a movie on, I’m always doing something else at the same time.

Anyone else out there like that?  I’d love to know I’m not alone!

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  1. Recently on a Saturday, some station was showing I Love Lucy movies all day long. I didn’t realize how many of those I had missed. I laughed most of the day. I have 2 favorites. One was the Lucy Stomping Grapes Episode and the other was the Vitameatavegamin Episode. I also remember in the past watching some of the other great comedy shows: Red Skelton, Carol Burnett, the Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, Keeping Up Appearances, etc.

  2. I agree with you, as I have no interesting in watching movies or television shows that are full of violence just for the shock value. I won’t watch gore. One wonders how some highly touted movies, based on a well-written book like “The Shack” could be not also be a well-written movie. Scripts are not that hard to write and IMHO are much easier to write. Guess that’s why I read more, than I watch movies.

  3. I agree, I want to be entertained not stressed out! I actually just saw an article listing shows that have character development and aren’t violent. Shouldn’t we expect that from more shows than the few that make it to a list?!

  4. Netflix has a lot of sex and violence. I saw The Shack last week. It was so boring. I understand that the book was interesting. Several people left during the movie. ?

  5. I saw The Shack last week. It was so boring. I understand that the book was interesting. Several people left during the movie. ?