Break Out the Crayons!

This might reach you a few days late, but everyone can celebrate National Crayon Day, no matter which day it is.

Is there any child who at least once hasn’t used crayons?  A staple of pre-schools, kindergartens, at home and lately for stressed out adults.

By now Crayola has announced which of its colors it is retiring.  Really?  Why?

What was more exciting than receiving a brand new box of crayons!  The 64 crayons in an untouched box was the gateway to a world of imagination.

From tiny to grown up, coloring books kept little ones quiet for a while and took adults back to childhood days.

One can trace the progress as children went from scrawling colors with no discernible shapes on paper to coloring outside the lines in a coloring books and then almost all within the pictures as they grew.

Of course they went on refrigerator doors to be treasured by parents and grandparents.

A new box of crayons still tempts me to stop for a while and use the colors to draw something, though truth be told, I’m not at all good at making art.  It is relaxing and for a little while my mind which is usually skipping from one thought to another, stays in one place.

Can you imagine the delight of children everywhere when Crayola first manufactured boxes of crayons?  Mothers everywhere must have danced in their kitchens because they at last had a quiet activity for their children while they prepared dinner.

A little history from the Internet: Crayola Crayons were invented by Binney & Smith in 1902 and first offered for sale in 1903. Alice (Stead) Binney, a school teacher and wife of co-founder Edwin Binney, suggested the company manufacture an inexpensive alternative to imported crayons of that era.

Bless you Alice Binney – moms everywhere are everlastingly grateful!

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  1. Yesterday evening there was an ad for crayons for adults! Apparently, the ordinary crayons just aren’t sophisticated enough for grown-ups. They are longer, thinner and may have more colors. What a great stress-reducer. I guess they are made to go with the adult coloring books, the ones with the complicated designs.

  2. I love coloring, I colored with my children when they were young and found it very relaxing. I have a few coloring books but use colored pencils. Not sure why, might need to get a box of crayons before they retire a color!