Does everyone know Sunday is EARTH DAY?

What should we do to thank her? Plant milkweed? Curtail plastic bags, the most littered everywhere. Use tote bags when you shop. A dear friend gave me two padded tote bags that keep cold food cold for two hours. Plus, the bags support autism research.Earth in hands

What else can we do to honor our Mother Earth?

WATER: Buy and use a paba-free water bottle you can keep full of filtered water from a pitcher in your refrigerator. Take it with you when you leave home to do errands. I also have two thermos bottles I keep filled with ice water. A great way to stay hydrated.

When your light bulbs burn out, replace them with LED bulbs. The one I have in my reading lamp claims it will last for 22 years, even if I never turn it off. Cost less to use and reduces carbon emissions.

We all know how to recycle paper, cans, bottles, so let’s do it. I just read an article about banning plastic straws, as they have done in Seattle.
Styrofoam, the bane of oceans, rivers, taking centuries to break down. Biodegradable plates, bowls, cups are available. Small steps to preserving our climate, our oceans, our sea life and ultimately our lives.

Earth Day is only once a year, but it has been going on for decades now and still we have so far to go. We can’t afford to destroy our planet, because if Mother Earth goes, so goes us!

Do what you can, when you can and that is most of the time, Earthlings.

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