Greening the Springtime

Greening the Springtime

Yesterday, driving through post showers, I could not be made aware of what the leafing out of trees and buds bursting forth on flowering shrubs and other plants.

Canopy Road in Spring

It reminded me of Ireland and the “Forty shades of green,” found in that beautiful land. Tallahassee in early spring is akin to it and I felt renewed just driving down a canopy road with green after green greeting me.

Now the flowering plants are doing their best to beautify yards and fields. My pink and white striped amaryllis popped up last week and are waving their beautiful heads among green plants, mostly weeds in one planted area. Every year there are more of them and I don’t have to do one thing to aid their procreation. What a lovely gifts of nature.

As I drove home, I loved seeing other yards, some well planted and some just like mine, unkempt, but still with rain drops falling slowly off them made them works of beauty.

In another month, the heat will take a toll on these lovely works of nature, but for now, the green gets greener with every raindrop and I breathe in fresh air, being thankful for their beauty and fragrance.

Mother Nature has a way with green!

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  1. I love it when the trees bloom and the ground greets you with blossoms too. I do enjoy the summer veggies and fruits I enjoy all summer. Our new favorite is called patio-eggplant or mini-eggplant. Our earth is an amazing place.

  2. Spring time in Tallahassee was my favorite season. It was wonderful to see all of the plants and trees budding with new life. The birds were singing and enjoying the warmer weather.

  3. What a beautiful Spring. I am not a particularly fastidious gardener but enjoy keeping my property looking good. This year has been replete with lovely days to work outside.

  4. Ah, yes, Claude. Another good reason to visit Florida’s State History Museum. While on the second floor to see the May flowers exhibit, all the wonderful history one can stroll through on the first floor.
    Renewed my membership and just love that place!

  5. Springtime is my favorite season. My amarylisses have already bloomed; so did my English dogwood, Japanese magnolia, fringe tree, Carolina jasmine, cherry tree and others. Now in bloom are my roses, tea olive, Louisiana irises, hydrangeas (just beginning), chrysanthemums, lantanas, gladioli, etc. And, get this. My Easter lilies are about to bloom. Odd thing is that they never bloom for Easter. Must be a misnomer. LOL

    If global warming is not for real, someone forgot to tell the climate. We have been forced to bring out the tent at Good News Outreach for pantry day on Thursdays. Will have to do it again tomorrow. It is already becoming too sunny and hot. What will we do in July and August if this keeps up?

    I had a meeting on April 14 when Goodwood had its spring heirloom plant sale. I was so disappointed. But I recently found out that the Leon County Extension on Paul Russell Road is having its plant sale on May 12, from 9 to 1 p.m. So, it will have to be my substitute. I will be on the lookout for native plants to add to my many other specimens. The weeding part in my flower beds is a bit tough on me, but the resulting beauty is well worth my while.

    Strange that this topic should come up. Last month at the State Library I created an exhibit on National Garden Month (featuring Florida garden and landscape books and postcards, etc.). Today I changed the books and renamed it May Flowers. Drop by and see it if you get a chance.

  6. The “kelly” green of grass and trees and weeds makes me want to paint a room that color! And the perfect “baby blue” sky makes me want to paint another room! But maybe, the way the green leaves of spring should be adjacent to the clear bright blue of the sky, maybe a room of green and blue stripes? or a background of blue with green leaves growing from the floor. Or maybe give a kid the two (washable water) colors and let her have at it on a wall. I’ll let you know…

  7. We enjoy the wonderful gift of beauty from nature, while we can! The pic of those majestic Live Oaks, really makes me yearn for Tallahassee, my friends and family!!