Yesterday, driving through post showers, I could not be made aware of what the leafing out of trees and buds bursting forth on flowering shrubs and other plants.

Canopy Road in Spring

It reminded me of Ireland and the “Forty shades of green,” found in that beautiful land. Tallahassee in early spring is akin to it and I felt renewed just driving down a canopy road with green after green greeting me.

Now the flowering plants are doing their best to beautify yards and fields. My pink and white striped amaryllis popped up last week and are waving their beautiful heads among green plants, mostly weeds in one planted area. Every year there are more of them and I don’t have to do one thing to aid their procreation. What a lovely gifts of nature.

As I drove home, I loved seeing other yards, some well planted and some just like mine, unkempt, but still with rain drops falling slowly off them made them works of beauty.

In another month, the heat will take a toll on these lovely works of nature, but for now, the green gets greener with every raindrop and I breathe in fresh air, being thankful for their beauty and fragrance.

Mother Nature has a way with green!