I guess I’ve written all you want to read about tornadoes, so how about Macintoshes? Truthfully, in my part of Ohio, I never heard them mentioned.

Fisherman figurineBut thanks to the local weather guy, I know what they are now. Do you?

A Macintosh was invented in 1823 as the first ever raincoat! They have lasted 195 years…not the same ones, but if they could stand up to raging waters, they must be sturdy and waterproof.

Did you ever watch a black and white movie where sailors and fishermen wore the dark coats while the ocean pummeled them? I did, but did not know what they were wearing were called Macintoshes.

Now of course, I want to know why are they called “Macintosh?” Who invented them and what are they made of?

We here in North Florida are watching the weather forecasts cautiously, as “Alberto,” makes its way to our shores.

I’d love to see our local television weatherman make his weather report wearing a Macintosh!

Fisherman boat

Those clear plastic head covers and coats don’t really do much of a good job and umbrellas can get turned inside out, if one doesn’t leave it in the car or at home, but a sturdy Mackintosh might be worth keeping in the car trunk, just in case a person wants to go on a fishing trawl, or out in a tropical storm sans lightening.

Anchors away, my friends, Anchors Away!