Memorializing a Lost Loved One During Your Wedding

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The summer months are a popular time for weddings. Honoring a friend or family member who has recently passed away when you’re celebrating your big day can be tricky – especially when attempting to keep a celebratory atmosphere for guests.

If you’re looking for ideas to memorialize someone special at your wedding, consider one of these thoughtful and endearing options to recognize them before the wedding, during the ceremony or at the reception.

During the Ceremony

  • Moment of Silence – Having a moment of silence for a loved one who has passed is a popular memorial option for wedding ceremonies. It gives the bride and groom, along with their family and friends, time to reflect on the deceased person and the impact they had on the couple’s lives. A moment of silence signifies reflection, respect and admiration for the loved one without dampening the mood of the ceremony.


  • Photo Charms – For someone who enjoys personal touches, photo charms are an endearing and subtle way to memorialize those who could not be at the wedding. Photo charms can include one person who has passed, or multiple people the bride and groom wish to honor. The string of four to five photos is usually incorporated into the bride’s bouquet, but can also be placed on the back of the bride’s heels and even as cufflinks for the groom. A benefit to using photo charms is that they can be large or small, giving the bride and groom more placement options to memorialize their loved ones.


  • Reserve a Seat – Many people use empty chairs at their wedding ceremonies to represent their lost loved ones who could not be in attendance. Some choose to simply leave chairs in the front row empty, while others place certain mementos on the seats. Flowers, signs and photographs are all items that are commonly used to signify to guests why the seats are empty and who they are representing.


At the Reception

  • Photo Wall/ Memorial Table – You can showcase your favorite photos of family members and friends who have passed away with a photo wall or memorial table at your reception that aligns with the theme of your wedding, provides additional decoration and makes you feel like your loved one is celebrating the day with you.


  • Famous Recipes – If your loved one has a special recipe they are remembered for, you can add their recipe to the menu for the cocktail hour, reception or dessert. Naming the menu item after them (For example: “Grandma’s Favorite Triple Chocolate Cake”) can be an additional subtle and endearing way to pay tribute.


Using Invitations/Favors

  • Favors Honoring the Deceased – It is a tradition to provide wedding favors to help your guests remember the magical day. So, a great way to honor a loved one who has passed is to choose one of their favorite hobbies or interests as the theme of the favor. For example, giving out cigars to honor a cigar aficionado or a pack of seeds, such as Forget Me Nots, to represent an avid gardener.


  • Memorialization on an Invite – Including an “In Loving Memory” section at the bottom of your wedding invitation can be a great way to recognize a deceased loved one who meant a lot to the bride and groom-especially when the loss is more recent.

Dealing with death is a personal matter, so when finding ways to memorialize a lost loved one during a wedding, plan a tribute that makes you, and other people who were close to the deceased, comfortable.

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