The lyrics may have been referring to romance, but I’m thinking August is upon us and we in Florida should give a thought to our annual HURRICANE SEASON!

Not that I’m looking forward to it or hoping for it, but… you never know.

Last year we did have hurricanes, Hermine and further south Irma.  The lights did go out at my house, but I had a place to stay for less than two days before everything lit up again and driving home was possible.

My grandson and I played a lot of board games, mainly of world domination, which he always wins. The gas grill on their patio was a great source of food in between the rain storms, so no one went hungry.

Because so many of my family’s friends are within less than a block away, an ersatz compound if you will, a lot of gatherings in the largest home down the street was the food headquarters, so no one went hungry and the atmosphere cheerful.

Of course, not everyone has this choice when a storm hits, but this city or your town has plans for your safety, be it evacuation centers for families, Red Cross and Salvation Army help, food, safe places to stay.  Many churches and schools, here in Tallahassee, the senior center are places of refuge.

Learn where they are located before the storm hits.  Have food, water personal items, soap and other necessities on hand, so it the “get out now,” notice is made, you will be ready and safe.  If you have young children, pack a grab and go bag with games and toys and their favorite stuffed animal.

If you don’t have young ones, it is time to pack your own “grab and go” bag with important documents like insurance policies, home documents, medical information, etc. packed to go wherever you will be going.  I

What would be our lucky event?  A hurricane that doesn’t visit us!  We can’t count on this, so be prepared and not at the last minute.

As the cover of the 2018 Disaster Survival Guide reads, “Prepare, Act, Recover.”

We can do this!

P.S.  I just read this from the “Weather Wonk.”  What is hotter than the sun’s surface?

Lightning is FIVE TIMES hotter than the sun!!

Now that’s why we are all warned to move indoors when a storm begins. Hmm…how did Benjamin Franklin not get toasted when he went out with a metal key on a kite? 

Anybody know??