It’s All About the Weather, So We Might as Well Talk About It

With hurricane Florence bearing down on North and South Carolina, a lot of prevention work is going on.  People packing up and going south and west to get out of the storms pathway, not knowing what they will see when they return.  They may or may not have a standing home.

In Florida, we had our share of hurricanes last year.  Irma and Hermine visited us.  Irma was worse, Hermine was gentler, even with the power outages, etc.  Trees, for which Tallahassee is noted, fell with a vengeance.  How we value our trees and have such an abundance of them, it is inevitable they fall down.

Every day in my local newspaper there is a lot of weather information from around the world.  I’ve become almost addicted to reading what the temperature is in Dublin, Ireland – almost always in the 60s, to Paris, London and Rome.  Rome is not a city I’d advise visiting in August when it becomes very hot, many Romans leave the city then and often businesses are closed for the month.

Of course we have places that do not have temperate weather.  Did you know where the highest location in the U.S. is?  I was surprised to learn it is Key West, Florida where it averages 77 degrees.  Not so bad if you compare it with Cairo at 97, or New Delhi at 95, or Seoul at 92.

Two trivia facts: The world record for 24 hour rainfall is 74 inches at Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

And for all you golfers:  Will a golf ball fly farther in warm, humid air or cool, dry air???

Answer: cool, humid air – so now you know.  Thanks, Weather Wonk!

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