A Natural Interruption

A storm is a’comin, a’comin, and I am a’packin’ a’packin’ my car. (you can hum along)  Fortunately for Mariah, there’s no hole in my bucket!

I do believe I am learning how to pull the necessities and the wants together faster every year when the hurricanes decide to descend on North Florida.

This year, I was packed and ready to go when the Florida Panhandle was warned. We knew to gather food, water and clothing to evacuate.

We didn’t seem to have it as much together for Hurricane Hermine, because there hadn’t been a hurricane in our part of town for several years, and we became lax.  However, we are stocked up with lanterns and sandbags and food to take to the gathering place.

My bags are full of books to read by lantern light and flashlights, even if the electricity goes out.

Food has been purchased and meals planned for the duration.  I’m taking my sausage dip to be served over scrambled eggs made on a gas grill.

Of course, board games to play with the children and neighbors and friends gather to ride out the storm, while keeping tempers and boredom in check.

My neighborhood is not of the friendly type, so I am grateful to be going to my daughter’s family, where neighbors are friends and even more so when riding out the storm together.  Ah, for the good ole’ days of “The Waltons,” when neighbors just came together and pitched in to help with whatever was needed.

Ah, the “good ole days,” no microwaves, no television, no cell phones, no computers – however did we survive??

Be safe through Hurricane Michael, everyone!


UPDATE: Hurricane Michael did indeed blow through Tallahassee, but our city was very lucky. The Life in Primetime and Tally Connection teams fared well.  However, our thoughts are with our neighbors further west in the Panhandle who were not as lucky and are now beginning the long process of clean up and rebuilding.

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  1. Having grown up in New England, we experienced dreadful storms with ice and snow, which were never fun. We’d be in a similar situation without power for a week, but we would all be together, huddling at around our fireplace and with our pets by our side. Having lived also in Florida most of my adult life, I have experienced Hurricanes, and it wasn’t pretty or fun, but with the generosity of my friends, and understanding employer at the time, I was also able to get by with a young son. Now living in Alabama with my husband, it’s heart wrenching to watch the devestation these storms bring. I’m thankful the people I still keep in contact with are all safe, sound and have supported each other! These storms seems more severe by each coming. Climate change? Oh, silly me.