Educational Activities for Your At-Home Little Ones

With everything going on in the world, parents are suddenly teachers and teaching is no easy feat. Below, we’ve gathered a few activities you can share with your children to keep them occupied and educated. Due to our current state of affairs, the companies behind the websites below have waived all fees. Enjoy!

1. Skype A Scientist (Yes, a real one!)

Who: Anyone who wants to learn – no age restrictions.

What You Need: A list of intriguing questions, internet access, and a device with a camera and microphone.

How: Sign up using this form and soon you’ll be (virtually) face-to-face with a scientist for a Q&A session! Complete the form as best as you can, it’s meant for classroom educators.

2. Khan Academy

Who: Kindergarten through high school.

What you Need: Internet access. 

What/How: Free online learning through videos, exercises and quizzes. Parents can find help with creating routines for their students. Khan Academy is offering daily schedules for at-home learning organization.

3. NASA’s Teachable Moments

Who: Students of all ages.

What You Need: Internet access.

What/How: Explore NASA’s Teachable Moments website for articles that will allow students, educators and parents to use the wonder of space exploration to engage and connect to the world of STEM.

4. Scholastic – Learn at Home

Who: Students, PreK – ninth grade

What You Need: Internet access. 

What/How: Scholastic is offering projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing. Visit the website and explore the page with your student to find the best activity for them.

5. Ranger Rick

Who: Students in grades K-12.

What You Need: Internet access.

What/How: Visit the Ranger Rick website (children’s magazine of the National Wildlife Foundation) and explore the different publications. The publication is also offering activity ideas for parents and educators to help their students find entertainment and stay engaged in the natural world.

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