6 Ways to Have a Happy Quarantine Birthday

The coronavirus pandemic has put a wrench in everyone’s plans for 2020, but nothing stings worse than a canceled birthday celebration. While social distancing and isolation are important in flattening the curve, no one wants to start a new trip around the sun while on lockdown. If you or one of your friends are feeling the birthday blues while in quarantine, here are six ideas on how to make the best out of a lockdown birthday.

Girl celebrating her birthday

1. Lead a Birthday Parade 

Dog in a car participating in a quarantine birthday parade.

This idea is perfect for surprising someone on their special day. You can start by reaching out to all of their local friends and family to get them on board and schedule a date and time when everyone is available. On the special day parade participants can decorate the outside of their cars with balloons and signs. Plan for your parade to gather a public location near the birthday person’s house, and get in your parade positions! Drive by slowly, wave, honk your horns and make some noise as well as drop off any gifts to show some love for the birthday person. 

2. Donate to the Birthday Person’s Charity of Choice

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Mark this occasion by giving back to our community and those struggling during these trying times. If you or your friend is turning 25, making a $25 charitable donation in the birthday person’s name is a great way to give back to the community. As the donor, you can include a message to the charity explaining that it’s in honor of the birthday person. An excellent gift idea to go with donating could be to gather screenshots of the donation message from everyone who donated in the birthday persons honor, then compile them all together into a slideshow to show the birthday person! A lot of COVID-19 relief foundations have been set up to help communities in need that would greatly benefit from an honorary birthday donation. Here are a few local COVID-19 relief funds: 

-Support small businesses in Tallahassee and purchase gift cards to be donated to local nonprofits or donate to the cause directly: IShopTally.com

-Support Tallahassee animal shelters and rescues:

3. Order a Birthday Feast

Take-out food

Cooking for yourself is getting old really quick (trust us, we know). Skip the prep and the cleanup by treating yourself or your friend to a feast from a local restaurant to celebrate this special day! Ask the birthday person for a couple of their local favorites and order their favorite meals. By celebrating this way, you’re supporting local businesses and your local economy while also serving up a yummy birthday surprise, sans dishes!

4. Party in Your Social Bubble

A diverse group of adult friends having breakfast.

If you’ve been lucky enough to quarantine with a few of your close friends, a themed birthday party with your social bubble is the perfect way to add some excitement into a day spent inside! Have the birthday person choose a theme or surprise them with a theme of their dreams and get dressed up for a fun night in the living room! If the crew is all on lockdown in their own spaces, you can still have fun via Zoom or group FaceTime! Simply get everyone to agree on a time for the virtual party and be sure to dress for the occasion! Party goers on Zoom can ship presents to the birthday persons house so they can all be opened during the call. Once the presents have been opened, guests can go around the room and tell a funny story about them. With the screen sharing feature on Zoom, making a slideshow presentation for the birthday person to watch with everyone is also a possibility!

5. Bring the Movie Theatre to Your Living Room

A family movie night.

Now that movie theaters have temporarily closed their doors, a lot of companies have created an On-Demand movie rental system. AMC has uploaded the movies that were scheduled for release during quarantine to their website and making them available to rent for around the cost of a single ticket. You can screen films like Onward right in the comfort of your own living room without the overpriced cost of snacks! In order to make the experience more authentic, you can assign a member of your family with a role they would find in the movie theatre! Dad could be in charge of snacks, the kids are in charge of making the decorations, and Mom is in charge of running the movie (or pressing play) and showing everyone to their seats. Don’t forget to invite all of the stuffed animals and pets in the family in order to have a sold-out movie screening!

6. Birthday Bake Off

A woman teaches a little girl how to bake.

Gather your social bubble or your friends via Zoom for a baking competition! Everyone deserves to have a slice of something sweet when celebrating a birthday so have the contestants choose their winning recipe. Once all of the friends invited to compete have gathered their ingredients, schedule a time where everyone can get together and get to baking! By making the winning recipe be based off of presentation, contestants can also join the baking competition via Zoom. Once the goods are baked, the birthday person can get to deliberating on the winner of the Birthday Bake Off! Everything is more fun when there’s another person so enjoy the bonding time that making a sweet treat gives you.

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