5 Benefits to Shopping Locally in Tallahassee

1. Helps Keep Your Money Local

When we make purchases within our local communities, the sales tax collected is used to fund departments that provide vital services like police, fire fighters, city maintenance for street repairs and trash collection. Shopping locally also keeps more money in your community for a longer period of time because local business owners purchase more frequently from other local businesses, farms and service providers.

2. Helps Create Local Jobs

When you shop local, you help your locally-owned businesses grow. A growing business will continue to expand their own staff, as well as increase their support of other local businesses and suppliers. This daisy chain of growth means a continuous flow of job opportunities within your community. 

3. Helps Strengthen Your Community Bond

During times of trouble like national economic downturns, local businesses have shown fortitude by leaning on the strength of the people they serve. As a local business owner, decisions are “Local ownership means that important decisions are made by people who live in our community and feel the impact of those decisions,” explains Chris Branson, co-founder of Keep It Local OK. Be part of the decision making and Help create a community that pulls together and supports one another in good times and in crisis.

4. Helps Make Your Community Interesting

Shopping local helps to support the overall diversification of your community. Entrepreneurs who share their dreams provide one-of-a-kind restaurants, shops and products that attract interesting people like tourists who bring in dollars to help support and grow where you live. Local businesses often purchase locally and carry products from local artists and farmers. Their inventory is much more diverse than that of a nationally owned business because of their commitment to choosing products that fit the needs and wants of those within their community.

5. Helps Support Future Growth

Unlike national businesses, local shopping gives you the opportunity to be part of building and actively supporting the maintenance of a community culture. This is a well sought-after quality by people looking to grow roots, purchase a home and raise a family. Build personal connections, get to know your local store owners and make your community a sought-after place to be.

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