Cascades Park Scavenger Hunt

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping most of us indoors more, it’s more important than ever to get out and stretch your legs in the sun. With the beautiful fall weather finally coming to Florida, now is the time to take yourself, friends and family to one of the many parks around Tallahassee. Cascades Park is a local favorite that we’re sure you’ve enjoyed more than once.

We’ve come up with a short scavenger hunt that will help you (and maybe the kiddos) slow down and experience Cascades Park with fresh eyes. This scavenger hunt can be done by yourself or with family and friends. Challenge them to check out these 6 scavenger hunt spots next time you go. Last place buys snacks at the Power Plant Café!

1. Find the map of Florida and take a picture next to Leon County.

One of the main features of Cascades Park is a large map of Florida, with every county. This is the perfect opportunity to take a picture next to Leon County or your home county!

2. Find the informational panel about Famous Amos cookies and their connection to Cascades Park.

Throughout Cascades Park, there are panels that describe the park and its history. One panel talks about the connection between Famous Amos Cookies and Cascades Park. Learn some history by taking a second to read this panel. Bonus points if you bring cookies to munch on while reading!

3. Take a minute to sit on the bright blue swing and relax.

Right now, so many things are hectic and it’s important to take time to breathe. Sit down on the swing and take a moment to look at all the beauty around you.

4. Channel your inner kid by playing in the Discovery Zone.

The Discovery Zone at Cascades Park is a playground for kids. Not only is this a great place for your kids to expend some energy, but it’s a great place to become a kid again and slide down the Steephead slide.

5. Sit in the Capital City Amphitheater and listen to your favorite music.

Throughout the year, the amphitheater is home to many concerts. While it isn’t right now, take the time to hold your own concert through the power of a cell phone. And, if you’re bold, dance along to the music!

6. Stop by the Power Plant Café for a quick snack.

The Power Plan Café sells breakfast, coffee, lunch and snacks (such as ice cream). This is the perfect end to the scavenger hunt!

So, there you have it! Let us know if you completed the scavenger hunt; We’d love to see your pictures! While we can’t wait for events in Cascades to resume, we are excited to be able to share ways to enjoy the park today. Until then, you can find us dancing at the amphitheater and eating ice cream as we enjoy nature.

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