4 Bookstores You Should Check Out in Tallahassee

Reading is fun! So are local and large bookstores. Tallahassee bookstores are full of character, much like those found on the pages of the stories we read. Some have large, full personalities while others are quieter and a little quainter. However, all have the same heartbeat – which is to provide literature to those who enter their shop. They all contain little quirks that make them unique bookstores and provide an entertaining time to every age. Here are four great bookstores you should check out in Tallahassee.

Chapter 1

Midtown Reader. This is a classic, local quaint bookstore. Its shelves are packed with interesting reads, unique gifts, and an entire collection of Florida literature. It has a nook for kids, which makes it a great location to go to if you’re a mom or dad who needs to entertain the kids on a rainy day. The cherry on top (literally) is Argonaut Coffee, which resides up a staircase from the back of the store and gives the entire store a cozy aroma.

Midtown Reader’s employees also jot down notes about books they have read throughout the store, so if you’re interested in a book and not sure if you’ll like it, you have some guidance. It is truly a gem in Tally and one we highly recommend.

Chapter 2

Barnes & Noble. This is another classic, renowned bookstore that has a very large selection of books, new and old. It has a Starbucks in-house, so if you want a quiet place to study, what’s better than a bookstore? Just like Midtown Reader, Barnes & Noble has a large kids area which makes it ideal for parents, guardians, and babysitters alike to visit and encourage reading in a fun, exciting way. You can’t go wrong with a stop at this store unless you’re looking to leave without a book, because that probably won’t happen.

Chapter 3

My Favorite Books. Another quaint, local store, My Favorite Books is ideal for avid readers. It has a trading program where you can bring in up to 20 books on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday and get store credit.

This bookstore has an immense collection of literature and a section for local authors. It has a book for everyone and a real homey charm. My Favorite Books is no quick stop, as there is such a large selection, it makes it hard to stop looking.

Chapter 4

Books-A-Million. I think this bookstore does have a million books – or close to it! Books-A-Million might be a large bookstore, but it has multiple ways for you to soak it all in. From Joes Mugs café, to the kid’s table, to the lounge chairs scattered around, Books-A-Million makes you feel at home.

It has a lot of opportunities to buy used literature or films at a less expensive rate, as well as a selection of bargain books. They also have a large gift selection for the book lovers you know. Its wide range of materials makes it ideal to visit and very hard to leave empty-handed.

We could go on forever about the quirks and character of the bookstores in Tally, but why do that when you can visit them yourself? Finding time to read can be a challenge, so we wrote another blog post with ideas to improve your reading habits. You can check it out here! If you check out any of these bookstores or have one to note, be sure to comment or tag @TallyConnection in your adventures on Facebook or Instagram. Keep on reading, reader!

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