Guest Post: Tight Budget? Why Not Create A Sensational Staycation!

Guest Post* By: Nadine Tate-Swayne Money plays an important role in your life. While it doesn’t buy happiness, financial security can lessen stress and pressure from other areas of a family’s life. A life coach can help you with your daily budget woes by developing a financial plan that allows you to save while still having […]

Guest Post: How Buying a Home in Tallahassee Could Save You Money

Guest Post* By: Doug Raymond Buying a home has its advantages and disadvantages, but purchasing a home in Tallahassee or one of its nearby cities could actually save you more money that you think, both short and long-term. Homeowners get tax breaks Florida doesn’t require its residents to pay income taxes, which is already a […]

Guest Post: What to Put on the Bargaining Table with Your Teen

Guest Post By: Debbie Nguyen Parents know how much peer pressure plays a part in a teen’s life. The availability of technology has made it even more challenging for parents to safeguard their teens. Parents need to decide and prioritize which issues are most important for their family’s harmony. Teens face influence from peers daily. This […]