All The Why Not’s … Chocolate, Caffeine, Diet Soda & More

This past weekend my family and I took a quick vacation to the beach.  You know how when you’re on vaca, all of your normal rules of life go out the window and you get to do whatever you want instead?  That is what makes vacation, vacation…letting lose and being free.  Whether it’s out of […]

Kellie McLanahan Photography Groupon Today!

BLOG POST UPDATE: Last day to get this great deal! Kellie McLanahan Photography has an awesome deal on Groupon today.  Check it out HERE.  This Groupon offers a great way to get beautiful, professional portraits, at a discounted price.  Plus, anyone who “shares” and has two or more friends buy the Groupon, receives a complimentary 8×10 at your next photo session! Go Get […]

Parade of Birthday Party Ideas at The Polka Dot Press

Our Birthday Experts will share everything you need to know-Invitations, Venues, Cakes, Decorating, Favors & More…creative Ideas that won’t break the bank! The Polka Dot Press is located at 1485 Market St. (Upstairs) and there number is 850-894-8737.  The Parade of Birthday Party Ideas will take place on… Thursday, April 19th 10-4 Friday, April 20th […]

Barnes & Noble Educators’ Week

April 14th through 22nd is Educators’ Week at Barnes and Noble, where a 25% discountwill apply to most purchases, giveaways, raffles and treats for teachers, principals, media specialists and supervisors – Grades Pre K through 12!  Plus a special discount on any NOOK® eReader of your choice only during this time. Stop by our NOOK counter and see which […]