Happy Feet

Found these beauties at Target a few weeks back for TallyBaby and they’re still putting a smile on my face.  I believe the world should wear smiley face shoes.  How could you yell at, hurt or want to upset someone with happiness beaming from below?  This is my plan for Peace on Earth. 

M.O.G. Mom!

TallyKid, age 5 going on 13, has recently begun handling her own shower in the evenings now that she’s sporting her new short hair style.  She uses the alone time to, not only (eventually) get cleaned up, but also to enter in to the work of imagination. Her imaginary girl friends gather around her and the conversations […]

Kellie McLanahan Photography Spring Portrait Event

Kellie McLanahan has been a generous partner of TallyConnection for almost 2 years now. Most recently, she contributed a terrific prize to our One Week Boutique giveaway package. I just learned about Kellie’s upcoming Spring Portrait Event and am delighted to be able to share with you here. Check out the offer below and call […]