A Natural Interruption

A storm is a’comin, a’comin, and I am a’packin’ a’packin’ my car. (you can hum along)  Fortunately for Mariah, there’s no hole in my bucket! I do believe I am learning how to pull the necessities and the wants together faster every year when the hurricanes decide to descend on North Florida. This year, I […]

It’s All About the Weather, So We Might as Well Talk About It

With hurricane Florence bearing down on North and South Carolina, a lot of prevention work is going on.  People packing up and going south and west to get out of the storms pathway, not knowing what they will see when they return.  They may or may not have a standing home. In Florida, we had […]

Do They Think Just Because We’re Older, We’re Stupid??

I don’t know about you, but I think all the shysters out there who find our phone numbers just assume all of us have dementia. Sadly, for some of us, as we go on, there are memory deficits, especially if through our working years we don’t exercise our brains by reading, making and keeping friends, […]

Just Like That Old Rock Song, “Get Ready, Get Ready!”

The lyrics may have been referring to romance, but I’m thinking August is upon us and we in Florida should give a thought to our annual HURRICANE SEASON! Not that I’m looking forward to it or hoping for it, but… you never know. Last year we did have hurricanes, Hermine and further south Irma.  The […]

Okay, you don’t want to talk about Tornadoes, so what will a Macintosh do for you?

I guess I’ve written all you want to read about tornadoes, so how about Macintoshes? Truthfully, in my part of Ohio, I never heard them mentioned. But thanks to the local weather guy, I know what they are now. Do you? A Macintosh was invented in 1823 as the first ever raincoat! They have lasted […]

Trailing the Tornado Wonk…A Walk Through the Dangerous Spring

In my daily newspaper, the Weather Wonk seems to have an obsession for tornado facts. I like it, as having lived through tornado warnings since childhood in Ohio, Texas twice, Delaware, California, Ohio again, Tennessee and Florida, I’m learning a lot about this weather phenomenon. My mother was terrified of tornadoes and was sure it […]


Does everyone know Sunday is EARTH DAY? What should we do to thank her? Plant milkweed? Curtail plastic bags, the most littered everywhere. Use tote bags when you shop. A dear friend gave me two padded tote bags that keep cold food cold for two hours. Plus, the bags support autism research. What else can […]