6th Annual Cranksgiving Food Drive Bike Race

6th Annual Cranksgiving Food Drive Bike Race

November 22, 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Community Thrift Market, Supporting Tallahassee Action Grants, Inc.
652B Capital Circle NE
Community Thrift Market, Supporting Tallahassee Action Grants, Inc.
(850) 273-0279
On November 22nd, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, join us for the Tallahassee version of CRANKsGiving! It’s a food drive alley cat race! The objective is to collect as much food BY BIKE as possible during the three hour race.
All of the food we collect will be distributed BY BIKE to our Meals on TWO Wheels clients and at least 2 Senior Living communities here in town on Thanksgiving Day!
The ONLY rule is that the food MUST arrive by bike. If you bring food with you that you collected before hand, you have to ride to the start OR you must carry that food with you the entire race.
You can buy the food, you can beg the food, you can arrange to pick up food that you or your friends collected before the race, you can collect gift cards or cash! We suggest contacting your neighborhood associations to organize pickups. All is fair in love and food drive races!
Social distancing and PPE will be required where practical.
Come as early as noon for snacks, drinks and “pre-race shenanigans.” The race starts at 1:00 pm. The race ends promptly at 4:00 pm at the Thrift Market. You can collect and drop off as many times as you want BUT you must be back by 4:00 pm. Winners will be announced around 4:30.
You will need something or some how to carry your food – backpack, trailer, and/basket. You can team up to carry your food BUT it is an individual race.
If you have an extra trailer that someone can borrow, please post below. Only ride with family members or others you live with.
On Thanksgiving, we will deliver the food to our clients! You DO NOT have to deliver to race but please plan on riding with us to make these deliveries. It will be a great Thanksgiving! We will give details about the deliveries at the end of the race. We will deliver AFTER the Turkey Trot so don’t let that stop you.

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