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Financial Education from Your Community Credit Union

Florida State University Credit Union is committed to member and consumer financial education. We put forth every effort to enable our members and the communities we serve, to become financially self-sufficient and successful. We place high importance on consumer education and the teaching of financial thrift.

Who Can Benefit From Financial Education?

  • 4 out of 5 adults admit they could benefit from additional advice and answers to everyday financial questions from a professional.
  • 42% give themselves a C, D or F on their knowledge of personal finance.
  • Insufficient savings tops the lists of U.S. adults’ financial worries: more than two in five U.S. adults (43%), or about 100 million people, say not having enough “rainy day” savings for an emergency worries them most, and nearly the same proportion (38%) are worried about retiring without having enough money set aside. (

Why FSU Credit Union?

Florida State University Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative with a mission to “maximize members’ financial well-being.” Since we are not-for-profit, you can be certain we’ve got your best interests at heart. We have seven branches in the Big Bend area and can host classes on-site or come to you. You do not have to be a member of FSU Credit Union to participate.

FSUCU Financial Seminar Topics
“Everyone Needs Financial Knowledge”

I am just a number: A crash course in credit
Your credit score may affect more than you think. Credit scores determine:
– whether you’ll be approved for credit cards, cards or student loans
-what interest rate you’ll get on these loans
-the cost of your car insurance
-in some cases, whether you get that job or apartment you want

How to be a savvy loan consumer
-the difference between good debt and bad debt
-the advantages and disadvantages of credit
-tips for keeping debt low and for managing necessary debts
-tips for getting the best rates and terms on your loans and credit cards
-hints for avoiding common credit card tricks and traps.

Freshman Finance 101
-have a plan
-focus on budgeting
-credit cards can spell danger
-checking accounts provide convenience and teach skills
-smart spending saves dollars

Money Matters: Basics of Budgeting
-establishing and maintaining your financial goals
-understanding where your money goes
-tips to ensure you’re not overspending on “extras”
-creating good financial habits now

Steps to Financial Freedom (preparing for life as an adult)
-set goals
-communicate with family members
-create a budget
-build savings

Check It Out: Crash Course on Checking
-banks or credit unions
-understanding your options
-avoiding bank/account fees
-financial glossary
-online and mobile banking trends

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