Creative Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, you may be stumped on figuring out the best way to celebrate dad on his big day. Sure, we often opt for the usual activities like taking him to his favorite restaurant and showering him with sentimental Father’s Day cards and gifts, but really, all dad really wants […]

Father’s Day Weekend Activities

Can you believe it’s already June?! Plus, it’s almost Father’s Day. Don’t panic! There are so many ways you can celebrate dear old dad, as well as uncles, grandfathers and more right here in Tallahassee. This Friday, book a date for your little princess and her Prince Charming at Chick-fil-A Capital Circle’s annual Princess Ball. […]

Tallahassee Staycation Itinerary

If you’re staying in town for the break and would like some staycation ideas, Tallahassee does not disappoint.  Here’s a list to help you start planning a week of fun with kids on break from school… Visit the Tallahassee Museum — Zipline through the trees and say hello to the Sun Bears.  Learn More. Visit the […]

Puppy Ladies Get Dogs Started Off On The Right Paw

[themify_box style=”light-green rounded” ]Guest post courtesy of Bruce Driggers, creator of Tallahassee Pet Net, a directory of over 100 organizations & businesses serving the Tallahassee pet community.  [/themify_box] For dog people, nothing can quite match the joy of getting a puppy. They’re bouncy, playful, loving, fun, and most of all CUTE. They’re also messy, unruly, mouthy, noisy, and […]

Lafayette Heritage Trail Park Bridge

Over the past week or so, if you follow us on Instagram, Facebook and elsewhere, you’ve read how we’ve been raving about the new bridge that’s now a local must-do.  If you’re a regular to the area of town where the new bridge is, you’ve likely been well aware of the construction taking place for quite some time […]

The Lure of Florida Fishing

  Discover how the Sunshine State got hooked on fishing as you explore this special exhibit about the rise of sport fishing in Florida. Learn about the growth of recreational fishing in the late 19th century and how it became such a popular pastime today. More than 100 artifacts, including tackle, trophies, and fish mounts, […]